The story goes way back with sisters, Kim and Heidi, attending high school in San Jose with Eric 30+years ago (1985). Fast forward through moves, adventures, marriages and children, and Kim and John, Heidi and Tom, and Eric and Anne (and their 2 sweet bambinos) have all found themselves in the Folsom/Sacramento area.

Beer has always been fully appreciated amongst the Fort Rock folks. But for a long time, it was more of an enthusiasm for drinking it, rather than creating it. It all changed when Eric caught the home brew bug while visiting some friends in Seattle. Tom and John soon followed, creating a home brew system in Tom and Heidi’s garage, (essentially the original Fort Rock Brewery). The hobby quickly grew and with Tom’s recipes they began producing quality beer. The suggestion to start a “real” brewery to give the boys a reason to quit their jobs and do what they like stuck and FRB was born.

After searching Folsom and the surrounding areas, FRB signed a lease in the Historic Nimbus Winery Building. Proud to continue the rich tradition of outstanding distilleries and wineries housed within the Nimbus Winery walls, FRB brewed its first beer onsite December of 2016.

Opening its doors with the new year in 2017, FRB is pleased to join the stellar Craft Beer Community in and around Sacramento. Our mission is simple: to brew great beer and share it with you, so that you can enjoy beer as much as we do.

Tommy holds a BS in Business and has been a software engineer for over 20 years. He and Heidi share a home, a cat and their baby Princess Ava, the most beautiful German Shephard ever (FRB’s resident dog mascot). An avid scuba diver, he co-owns Fish Eye Scuba in Folsom, with Kim and John for the past 9 years. Ready to again run his own business, this time in the beer industry, Tom brings years of homebrew experience and recipes to FRB along with limitless enthusiasm and knowledge. Capable and willing to chat about anything beer and almost anything else, Tom plays the part of the heart of FRB, and Master Brewer, too. Tom likes a good West Coast Style IPA.

After receiving her BS in Kinesiology, from SJSU, Heidi travelled extensively through Europe. Her years living in Germany and Bavaria helped her hone her beer palate and cemented her love of beer. She has worked in the hospitality and retail industry since returning to the states, but continues to travel as she goes on dive trips with the Fisheye group. Heidi drives a fancy little electric car – you can’t hear her coming! As her and Tom’s garage houses the original brew system, Heidi has lived “beer” and FRB since the very beginning. She has put her personal stamp of design on the tasting room and our merchandise. Heidi likes all beer, but her go-to is Belgian and German style beers.

John just retired from Intel after 28 years as a product engineer. Ready to start the next phase of business, John has embraced the physical building of FRB, creating the furniture and fixtures for the tap room. Johnny D is the distribution guy, when he isn’t brewing, of course. He and Kim live in Folsom and travel often on dive trips. When he is home, John likes to golf, ride his motorcycle, collect road garbage, and fish. He also likes to drink beer, especially an IPA.

After 10 years as a legal secretary, Kim joined the ranks at Intel working for 5 years as a circuit layout designer. Kim is meticulous and detail oriented. She does all the fine line and accounting work for FRB. She also keeps everyone on task. Kimmy likes to quilt, spend time at the beach house, scuba dive and hang with Johnny. If she could have her pick, Kim likes a Gose style beer.

Eric attended college at SJSU with Heidi, receiving his BS in Criminal Justice. He has over 20 years in the insurance industry. When not traveling for claims, Eric enjoys being outside with his family, Anne and the kiddos. He is happiest around a campfire. He likes fishing, hiking, watching hockey (GO Sharks!) and brewing beer. He brewed all the beer for his and Anne’s wedding. Ready to brew on a big scale, Eric plans to be a permanent fixture in the brew house at FRB. He likes a hoppy IPA.

A former teacher with a Master’s in Education and a BA in English, Anne now stays home, shuttling children from school to soccer, doing puzzles, art, and music…trying to grow responsible citizens. She brings a down to earth feel to the group; doing all sorts of homemaking things like handwork, canning and gardening. She enjoys running, anything outside, talking to her chickens and being with her family. She’s the word-smith of the bunch. She also enjoys a Red IPA.

Brian has been tending bar for over 20 years in Northern California. He can be found wandering the kitchen at three a.m. in knee high socks and board shorts thinking about which Asian street food he should cook. He enjoys conspiracy theories more than most, prefers card games to board games, and is an avid reader of modern poetry. Brian lives with his girlfriend Shanti and his cancer survivor cat Buttersauce in Sacramento.